Lantau Trail Section 2 is a difficult hike that starts from Nam Shan, ascents to Yi Tung Shan and Sunset Peak, and descents to Pak Kung Au. The trail’s highest point is around 780m above sea level. Hiking to the top of Sunset Peak (869m—the third highest peak in Hong Kong after Tai Mo Shan and Lantau Peak) is only an additional 90m ascent. When hiking on cloudy days, the views from Sunset Peak is heavily obscured due to its elevation, an excellent opportunity for hikers to make snarky comments to other hikers who’re trying to take photos.

Lots of steps during the ascent of Sunset Peak.

Hike elevation

Section 2 begins at 140m above sea level. The trail steadily ascents to 780m at Sunset Peak or Tai Tung Shan. The ascent between 200m and 500m is steep compared to the rest. Above 500m, the ascent becomes more gradual and slowly plateaus at the highest point of the trail, near the Lan Tau Ying campsite where there are several small houses.

One of the many little houses at the plateau in Sunset Peak.

Hiking to the peak of Sunset Peak, which isn’t included in the trail, is an additional 90m ascent.

The descent’s steepness is similar to the ascent between 200m and 500m. Unlike the ascent, the descent doesn’t have much plateau. The trail ends at Tung Chung Road, 340m above sea level.

The descent from Sunset Peak to Pak Kung Au.

Trail surface

The majority of the trail’s surface is made of dirt and rock steps. The beginning to mid ascent are a series of flat rock steps that seem to stretch on forever. Above 500m elevation, the rocks become less regular (and more slippery if weather is wet.) The descent is also paved with flat rock steps, with small sections of dirt and irregular rocky surfaces.

The steps get more irregular and slippery as it reaches Sunset Peak.


Going to the starting point

From Mui Wo: Take bus 1 towards Tai O and get off at Nam Shan Camp Site bus stop.

From Tung Chung: Take bus 3M towards Mui Wo and get off at Nam Shan Camp Site bus stop.

Leaving the finishing point

Take bus 3M to Mui Wo Ferry Pier, or 3M, 11, 23 to Tung Chung.

Photo by leo.wan / CC BY