The Twins and Violet Hill hike is one of the hardest hikes in Hong Kong. It’s perfect if you want a quick and intense workout. The hike is also known as “A Thousand Steps”, which refers to the number of steps between The Twins peak and Stanley.

The trail starts from Parkview/Wong Nai Chung Reservoir, goes up Violet Hill, back down and then up The Twins, and finally down to Stanley Gap Road, where you can catch a bus or walk to Stanley and relax or grab some food.

View of Parkview Heights and Island cityscape from the initial ascent to Violet Hill from Wong Nai Chung Reservoir

Hike elevation

The bus stop at Wong Nai Chung Gap is around 200m above sea level. The first ascent to Violet Hill peak reaches 400m elevation, and then dips down to 140m at the valley parallel to Repulse Bay. The Twins peaks are roughly 340m and 360m. The trail ends at 100m in Stanley Gap Road. The steepness up and down both mountains are similar.

Halfway through the hike, past Violet Hill and facing the Twins

Trail surface

The majority of the hike consists of hard concrete steps. Part of the middle is dirt and irregular rocks — more enjoyable in my opinion. The trail is also quite bare so make sure to bring plenty of water.


Going to the starting point

Take bus 6 from Central/Admiralty towards Stanley, and get off at Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park stop. Walk up Tai Tam Reservoir Road for around ten minutes to get to the trail starting point.

Leaving the finishing point

Take bus 6 to Stanley, or to Central/Admiralty on the opposite direction.