The Cloudy Hill-Wong Leng-Pat Sin Leng hike is a 7-hour hike for the experienced and energetic hiker looking for a good workout. This undulating section of the Wilson Trail meanders through eight iconic hills named after immortals in Chinese Mythology, views of Shenzhen, and the beautiful Tai Mei Tuk reservoir.

For a shorter 5-hour hike, opt for a starting route from Hok Tau. The path joins Wilson Trail past Hok Tau Reservoir.

Steep cliffs along the ridge

True to its namesake, the Pat Sin Leng hike elevates hikers to the harsh realms of the gods. Those who are willing to brave the biting winds and precipitous slope will discover a path through stunning v-shaped valleys, panoramic views of Tai Po, and a newfound appreciation of nature’s tranquility.

Follow signs to Cloudy Hill, Pat Sin Leng, and Tai Mei Tuk. The path is quite bare and windy, so make sure to bring enough water and sunscreen. Prepare a jacket, hat and gloves for chilly days.

Hike elevation

  • Cloudy Hill (440m) - the ascent towards the hilltop is moderately steep.
  • Wong Leng (639m) - the beginning ascent near Hok Tau is steep, while the ridges near the top is gentler.

Pat Sin Leng - a few sharp ascents and descents along the ridge:

  1. Sun Yeung Fung (591m)
  2. Chung Li Fung (543m)
  3. Kao Lao Fung (530m)
  4. Kwai Li Fung (530m)
  5. Tsao Kau Fung (510m)
  6. Choi Wo Fung (510m)
  7. Sheung Tsz Fung (510m)
  8. Hsien Ku Fung (514m)

The descent down to Tai Mei Tuk is moderate.

Views of Tsz Shan Monastery and Tai Po

Trail surface

A good mix of paved and non-paved trail surface. Dirt paths for flatter areas, and rock or dirt steps for steeper sections. Be careful when walking on the steps held by wooden planks as some of the dirt has eroded and planks have become loose.


Going to the starting point

7-hour hike from Tai Wo via Cloudy Hill: Wilson Trail section 8 can be accessed within a 10-minute walk from Tai Wo MTR station.

5-hour hike from Hok Tau: Take minibus 52B from Fanling MTR and get off at the last stop at Hok Tau.

Leaving the finishing point

Walk down Ting Kok Road, and at first junction, turn left to find the minibus stop. Take minibus 20C or KMB bus 75K to Tai Po. The last stop is Tai Po Market MTR station.