The hiking trail begins at Shek Pik Reservoir, and heads southwest towards Fan Lau, then north to end at Tai O. There’s minimal elevation in this hike and the surface is 90% concrete. Few views of Lantau west coast beaches and rocks.

This trail is done in reverse to make it easier to get on a bus on the return trip back to Tung Chung. Getting on a bus from Shek Pik is difficult if the buses are full already.

The start of the trail begins next to the Shek Pik Reservoir and Shek Pik Prison, and heads southwest with a few views of Tai Long Wan beach and the ocean to the south. The entirety of Section 8 has a concrete surface.

Concrete surface

Thankfully, the trail enters a dirt path into Fan Lau (分流)—the southwest tip of Lantau Island, home to a fort, temple, and several relics. Enjoy the most beautiful part of the trail here: open views of Fan Lau east and west coast beaches.

There’s a couple of food stalls and a public toilet in Fan Lau village.

Past Fun Lau, head north towards Tsin Yue Wan and Tai O. In Tsin Yue Wan, the trail runs off into a rocky section by the coast. This is perhaps the most challenging section of the hike.

Rocky costal area

The trail ascends into the valley at 60m and then returns back to sea level at Yi O. Yi O is an eerie farm with post-apocalyptic vibes. The entire farm looks abandoned. There are several sketchy looking buildings with material draping over all sides. In the grassland, there are a few dogs wandering around, but no humans in sight. Refrigerators are placed randomly throughout the path. Near the end of the farm, there are more abandoned buildings, broken tractors, and worn-down wooden signs. This would make a fantastic post-apocalyptic film location.

Creepy farm

Past the eerie farm, the trail stretches along the peninsula for the last few kilometers. The last section is flat and returns to the concrete surface, reminiscent of Section 8. Continue to walk through Tai O Promenade or the parallel street by the playground to get to the Tai O Bus Terminus. Catch the bus 11 to Tung Chung or bus 1 to Mui Wo.


Going to the starting point

Take bus 11 from Tung Chung or bus 1 from Mui Wo, and get off at Sha Tsui bus stop.

Leaving the finishing point

From Tai O Bus Terminus, take bus 11 to Tung Chung or bus 1 to Mui Wo.