Hong Kong Trail Section 2 starts from Pok Fu Lam Reservoir and runs along the south west edges of The Peak. The southmost point of the trail features a scenic view of Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau. It gets close to several transmission towers that create soft buzzing noises. Most of the trail is paved with small steps for easy footing. The trail distance is short compared to other sections of the Hong Kong Trail, but takes a longer time due to the elevation.

The starting point can be easily missed, especially when continuing from Section 1. Look for the blue sign with the Water Supplies Department logo. The open path to the right leads to Pok Fu Lam Reservoir instead.

The starting point’s signage in blue with the WSD logo.

Hike elevation

The beginning section, near Pok Fu Lam Reservoir, ascents rapidly from 220m above sea level to 260m (H015.) The stairs are steep, but paved. The trail remains quite flat after that. The trail makes a gradual descent to 120m approaching the southmost point.

The trail gets up close with transmission towers

Trail surface

Most of the trail is paved, with a mix of flat sections and small steps. This allows easy footing, but the rock paving and concrete may be hard on the knees for extended hikes.

Most of the trail is paved for easy footing


Going to the starting point

By bus: Take buses 4, 7, 37A, 37B, 91, or 94 from Central and get off at Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road bus stop.

Leaving the finishing point

By bus: Walk south on Peel Rise for half an hour, and take buses 7, 70, 91, or 94 from Aberdeen Reservoir Road to Central.