Hong Kong Trail Section 3 is beautiful to the eyes, the ears, and the feet. The trail boasts an abundance of trees, streams, and bird songs. The trees create a canopy that provides shade. On a clear day, the sunlight seeps through the slits of the canopy, and creates a beautiful atmosphere to hike in. Starting from Peel Rise, the trail circles around the vertical strip of Tin Wan Shan and finishes at Wan Chai Gap. The hiking trail is mostly flat with dirt surface, and can be completed in one and a half hour at a moderate speed.

Hike elevation

The hiking trail’s ascents and descents are slow, making it easy and comfortable to hike. The starting point at Peel Rise is 140m above sea level. There’s a gradual ascent to 220m, followed by a gradual descent back to 140m at the southmost point of the trail. The rest of the hike remains around the 180-220m region.

The overall trail’s surface is flat, except for this massive rock.

Trail surface

The Hong Kong Trail Section 3 surface is mostly dirt and flat rocks. It’s softer than the previous sections. There are some uneven rocks (large and small) near the middle to end of the hike, as it approaches Wan Chai Gap.


Going to the starting point

By bus: Take bus 7, 70, 91, or 94 from Central and get off at Aberdeen Reservoir Rd. Walk west-north on Peel Rise for half an hour.

Leaving the finishing point

During evenings, especially on weekends, the buses from Wan Chai Gap are usually full from people leaving The Peak. Walking down to Wan Chai, which takes around half an hour, is recommended.

Walk: Walk up Aberdeen Reservoir Rd from Wan Chai Gap to Peak Rd/Stubbs Rd, then walk down Wan Chai Gap Rd to get to Wan Chai.

By bus: Walk up Aberdeen Reservoir Rd from Wan Chai Gap to the Wan Chai Gap stop at Stubbs Rd, and take bus 15 to Central.