Maclehose Trail Section 6 begins at Tai Po Road, by Shek Lei Pui Reservoir, just north of Cheung Sha Wan. The hike heads north and passes through Kam Shan, with views of the Kowloon Reservoirs and the West Kowloon/New Territories cityscape. Trenches and tunnels, part of the Shing Mun War Relics, surround the path near the end of the trail.

🐒 Monkeys roam around Kam Shan and Tai Po Road. Make sure you’re not carrying any food in an open bag. Sneaky monkies know how to pickpocket!

Hike elevation

The starting point at Golden Hill Road is 160m above sea level. Past the first dam between Kowloon Baywash and Kowloon Reservoir, the trail gradually ascends to Kam Shan at 280m elevation.

Starting point of Maclehose Trail 6 at Golden Hill Road

From Kam Shan, the trail descends to 220m. Upon leaving Golden Hill Road, the trail rises steadily to 260m through a series of rock steps. The city view of Kwai Chung covers the west side of the trail, and the Lower Shing Mun Reservoir to the right. The trail comes to an end at 200m in the Shing Mun BBQ area, a popular site for locals and tourists.

City view of Kwai Chung to the west of the trail

Trail surface

The first two-thirds of the trail along Golden Hill Road is entirely asphalt with low gradient. There are very few cars along this road.

The last third—upon exiting Golden Hill Road—transitions into rock steps and dirt path. The steps are low at first, then gets steeper as the elevation increases. The surface is flat overall and easy to walk.

The rock steps and dirt path upon leaving Golden Hill Road


Going to the starting point

From Prince Edward Railway Station bus stop: take bus 81 towards Wo Che, and get off at Shek Lei Pui Reservoir.

From Sha Tin Town Hall bus stop: take bus 81 towards Jordan, and get off at Shek Lei Pui bus stop.

Leaving the finishing point

From Lei Muk Shue bus terminus, there are buses:

  • 36 to Tsuen Wan West/Tai Wo Hau
  • 36M to Kwai Fong
  • 36A to Cheung Sha Wan/Mei Foo
  • 36B to Jordan/Lai Chi Kok
  • Minibus 82 to Tseun Wan